One solution to manage and develop individual performance.


Taleva delivers training, implementation and on-going facilitation of a proven leadership process supported by an intuitive, cloud-based software platform.

Our solution makes day-to-day performance management effortless for managers, employees and HR. Taleva empowers companies to develop and retain their talented employees without having to commit additional resources, time and effort - making it the ideal solution for ambitious growth SMEs, but also senior management teams in larger organisations trying to implement an effective, role-specific feedback process.


Proven Leadership Process

Our externally calibrated leadership process is the result of over 200 successful consulting engagements and intrinsically motivates behaviours consistent with business goals. It maximises employee development and engagement by ensuring objectivity, fairness and compliance.

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Role-Specific Competency Database

Our database of role-specific benchmark behaviours and skills enables accurate performance assessment, identification of talent gaps and increases the direct relevance of feedback.

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Intuitive SaaS Platform

The intuitive Taleva SaaS platform makes talent and performance management easy while driving adoption and compliance.

Features include:

  • Performance Appraisals (Self- & Manager-Appraisals)

  • Continuous Feedback

  • Performance Peer-Calibration

  • Objective Setting

  • Real-Time Result Tracking

  • Individual Development Plans

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