Frequently Asked Questions


How can we get started?

Getting started is easy. We follow a few simple steps to implement Taleva with our clients:

  1. Document participating functions, roles and levels

  2. Select the appropriate benchmark competencies for each function, role and level from the Taleva database

  3. Set-up Taleva SaaS platform for the clients requirements including uploading employee data, defining review cycles and forms

  4. Conduct process and software training for HR, managers and employees

  5. Go live support and learning-by-doing

Clients have ready access to on-going process and software support after implementation. Get in touch with us to learn more about getting started.

How do you onboard and train our team?

Taleva makes sure your team is fully enabled and ready to go with our best-practice process and software. Onboarding includes feedback process and software training with participating managers, employees and HR. Trainings are an engaging mix of presentation, group discussion and role plays to ensure competency development and transfer. Special focus given to empowering managers to deliver effective and constructive feedback in the moment-of-truth feedback discussion. They build confidence by learning how to deal with difficult cases and situations. Participants learn how to use the Taleva process to increase individual and business performance.

What are Performance Boards?

Performance Boards are facilitated group discussions among peer managers to judge the performance of individual employees. The outcome is a quantified, objective and calibrated assessment of performance, including soft-factor competencies critical for high-performance. Results include a detailed report with benchmark rankings, development objectives and growth potential for each employee.

Who can facilitate Performance Boards?

Performance Boards are moderated by certified Taleva experts to ensure maximum rigour and objectivity. They can also be moderated by the internal HR Manager with proper training, certification and periodic audit by Taleva to ensure process integrity.

How does Taleva enable culture change?

Taleva is more than just software. Its best-practice performance assessment process includes a group element that enables calibration of performance levels and confirmation of what good individual performance looks like in the group. As the N+1 manager participates in the Performance Board together with peer managers, it serves as an outstanding platform for the senior leader to signal performance expectations to direct reports without having to criticise them directly. Clear definitions of performance, also for soft-factor competencies are anchored with concrete examples and the dialogue in the Performance Board. Taleva’s uniquely objective, fair and transparent process pushes responsibility for performance and development back to the individual.

What companies is Taleva right for?

Taleva is an excellent solution for any company. However, it is particularly well suited to the talent management challenges of small- and medium-sized knowledge-based companies with 20 to 250 employees. For these firms, many without a dedicated HR Manager, Taleva enables the next step in talent development so that they have no disadvantage to the largest competitors. Large companies can also rely on Taleva to implement rigorous, role-specific feedback and development for their senior management and functional teams including Sales.

Can I use Taleva if we don’t have an HR Manager?

Yes. Taleva’s standard full-service option enables best-practice talent management on-demand and without dedicated HR resources.

If I am the HR manager, how can I benefit from Taleva?

Taleva empowers HR Managers to deliver the most rigorous and objective performance management without having to commit additional resources, time and effort. We give you a choice to either gain Taleva’s coveted Performanance Board facilitator certification to moderate the process internally, or rely on Taleva’s experts. Taleva takes care of all the hassle of implementing a best-practice process including training, software and data management. We enable your success.

How much does Taleva cost?

For our pricing options, please get in touch with us.