What our customers have to say.


“We implemented Taleva’s individual performance review process. It enables management and employees to objectively measure and improve individual performance in an open and transparent way. The review process is a clear and rational basis to evaluate professional performance and it strengthens the link between performance and rewards.”

Christian Wipf
Managing Director, GCA Altium


“Our skilled people are our most important assets. Taleva’s solution helped us to understand how we can most effectively increase the performance of our organization. Their independent, fact-based assessment was critical for driving change. We achieved more than 50% revenue growth, I am confident that we wouldn’t have seen this growth, if we wouldn’t have unlocked all this potential of the organization.”

Geoff Scott
Co-Chairman and former CEO, Uster Technologies


“Taleva’s performance review process anchors performance management in the leadership culture. It enables a better understanding for judging performance, and built trust in the organization by increasing transparency. The process is valuable for individuals and the company alike”

Remo Brunschwiler
former CEO, Swisslog


“As a consulting firm, we work on projects with complex reporting structures. Taleva supports project based work and helps me to manage the complete cycle without any headaches. Taleva’s SaaS platform in combination with their competency assessment, calibration and feedback process has helped us to build a positive and entrepreneurial culture at Humatica – the reason our team works so well together.”

Zoë Fox
HR Manager, Humatica