Your Challenge

A top performing organisation is critical to stay one step ahead of your competition. Your best and brightest must collaborate effectively. This presents many new leadership challenges.

Do you find that…

  • goals and objectives are difficult to align, especially among front-line employees?
  • you rely heavily on just a few key people in the firm?
  • your best performers are the most difficult to manage?
  • you find it difficult to objectively measure performance and link it to compensation?
  • you lose time with ad-hoc individual discussions on performance and pay?
  • your managers need to develop their leadership skills?

Taleva delivers a break-through service to solve your challenges and deliver outstanding performance improvement.

Clarity of Objectives and Calibrated Feedback

Taleva ensures that your business objectives are cascaded and linked throughout the organisation. Each team member knows what they are supposed to do, and how their efforts fit with the overall company goals.

Taleva delivers objective and calibrated individual performance assessments that have the trust and commitment of both employees and managers. Taleva’s expert facilitation ensures review process integrity and objectivity.

Taleva is a managed service that connects your business objectives and strategy with individual performance evaluation. It supports outstanding leadership practices that increase motivation and engagement, while reducing costly employee turnover. A more detailed process description can be found here.

Our Performance Management Solution:
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Results that stick

Taleva creates value by ensuring that your people are aligned and motivated, through a transparent and objective feedback process. Our managed service allows employees to take charge of their own performance and advancement. Clients typically realise a 10-20% productivity improvement and a 20% reduction of employee turnover.

Taleva resulted from over 10 years experience in designing and delivering rigourous individual performance management processes for leading organisations across Europe.

Taleva is a foundational leadership process for driving high performance and culture change in your company.
– Can we help you unlock the collective potential of your people?